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I really find it confusing to decide what to start with when you start a language from scratch. E.g. I started Polish without any previous knowledge, but it was difficult to find something to start with and to continue after the first lesson was finished. The one I picked afterwards clearly is too difficult. Would it be possible to sort the lesson library by the percentage of new words or something like that?




Hi Silvia,
Sorting by percent of new words is not available at the moment. It was an option before, but we had small complications with it and decided to remove it for now. Hopefully we will find a way to bring that option back soon! But you can sort courses based on number of Likes they have, which will show most popular courses in your level at the top.
If you are new in a language, best would be to start with our LingQ beginner courses - Who is She, Greetings and Goodbyes, Eating Out. Mini Stories are great for beginners too. Search among courses at your level and I am sure that you will find something interesting enough to keep your motivation.

I would propose to sort the courses not just by a number of roses they have, but according to a ratio of roses in the whole course to a number of lessons in the course.
So, a course with 10 lessons, which have 5 roses each, will have 50 roses for the whole course.
But a very interesting but shorter course with only 2 lessons where every lesson has 20 roses, will have just 40 roses.
I would see the course with 20 roses per lesson higher in the sorted list rather than the course with only 5 roses per lesson.

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I’ve unfortunately needed to spend time away from LingQ, and on returning have found it very difficult to know which lesson should be the next to pick.
Also, on viewing the entire storyline to see if it is ok/interesting enough to me, I then find that on returning to the beginning… all the blue words have been turned to yellow!!! This surely is very poor as I then haven’t a clue which I was already learning from the yellows, and which I would have considered too many/difficult for me at this stage!
I’d be grateful of some clarification of what to do from here please?
Many thanks, Sue.

Hi Zoran!
Thanks, I see, but it is confusing. There is a reason some reviews mention that LingQ isn’t useful to start languages from scratch and I think it’s the way courses are sorted. I sort courses based on the number of likes, but that doesn’t help much. Would it at least be possible to have the option not to list every lesson of each course separately? That really blows up the number of materials you see and makes it harder to find what you’re looking for.

Use the settings to deactivate all the “useful” features.

Hi Sue,
After you open a lesson, click on the settings button on the top right and there you can disable Paging moves to known (which will prevent blue words to became Known/white automatically when you move on to next page), Review LingQs when paging, Auto LingQ creation and Auto TTS.

Use the Course Library instead of Lesson Library when looking for study material and you will avoid having lot of lessons from the same course to appear when you search.

Thanks, I never tried that out.

I totally understand. I have the same problem with Japanese. That would be great maybe to classify lessons which are for total beginners, in a language that doesn’t look like your language at all, which is usually even less than Beginner 1 or A1. It could be like a 0 level. And also maybe having someone checking the levels of the lessons, because sometimes I find lessons much harder or easier than what the author says.

Yes, Japanese is even worse because of the scripts. Back when I was doing Japanese, long before I knew of LingQ, I thought it would be great to have lots of texts to practise reading the Kana, but the LingQ lessons don’t offer that, do they?