Sorting lessons alphabetically

I used to be able to sort lessons alphabetically and can no longer do this.

Now Lingq allows / facilitates splitting long book chapters or texts into separate lessons - really chunks of texts.

It beggars belief that you cannot sort these by name. I have multipe (dozens) of lessons and wish to enter more. This information needs to be retrievable according to their order in whatever book I’m using.

Can you please introduce sorting by name. It is a no brainer and should not have been left out of the user interface.

If you think it should be left out then please tell me why.



I am ready to BEG the developers to allow this option! The current options for ordering lessons may be the best ones from the viewpoint of the “student”…In that context it is nice to have the most recently studied courses or lessons appear first, for example.

BUT from the lesson creator’s perspective it is extremely inefficient. There are three places where alphabetical sorting is needed.

WITHIN COURSES: I need the lessons I post for my students to stay in a certain order. I am not sure how the lessons in a course line up for my students, but for me, as soon as I open an old lesson to fix a mistake, the lesson loses its rightful position in the list. Sorting on oldest to newest does not solve my problems because not all lessons were created in the order that they need to be studied, I do, however, put a lesson number at the beginning of the title so sorting alphabetically (in this case numerically) should return everything to its intended order. But it is not possible to sort this way.

COURSE NAMES IN THE LINGQ IMPORTER: I have been importing lessons for a long time and have MANY courses to choose from. The course names in the importer either appear in random order or in the order of most used. This is only helpful when I am doing several imports one after another to the same course. After scrolling through my list of courses numerous times, it is not unusual for me to totally fail at finding the course I am looking for.

PLAYLIST NAMES: I have finally figured out how best to use playlists to organize content for my students. This “new” way of organizing content is working well for me, but it also means that I have a LOT of playlists and intend to create many more. I create lists for different levels; I may work on more than one level in the same day. (I am also a rather unorganized human.) Unfortunately the playlists appear in the order I have created them instead of alphabetical (numerical) order. There is no option to sort them any other way. So I spend and will be spending an inordinate amount of time looking for specific playlists.


I agree with everything said.

@zoran do LingQ staffers only reply to direct queries when tagged?

@pmda I’ll check with our development team what can be done here and if we can bring back sorting by alphabetical order.

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Sorting courses by A-Z is super helpful. I use it all the time. It would be fantastic if you could also add sorting lessons by A-Z on a course page - I mean here:

Meanwhile, I have two solutions for those who wish to see the lessons of a course sorted alphabetically.

The first one requires that the title of each lesson in a course contains the same sequence of characters (it might be some letter code or simply a course title), which is unique to that course. Then you go to the Continue Studying page:

There you:

  1. Type the code/title in the search box.
  2. Sort by A-Z.
    (3.) Choose “Lessons” in the Lessons/Courses switch (it’s the default option).

The second solution

You can replace the code by adding a tag to each lesson (in two quick steps). It can help to keep the titles clear and to save some characters (unfortunately, the limit on the number of characters in the lesson title is insufficient - it’s another little thing to improve). Of course, this only applies to your own courses, which you can edit.

Edit Course:

  1. Check the box shown above to select all the lessons.
  2. Add a tag (it can be a course title, for example).

Then go to the Continue Studying page. As in the first solution, select “Sort by A-Z” and “Lessons.” Further down, you will find the “Enter Tag” field. Search for the tag you have added to the lessons in the course to see only those lessons - sorted alphabetically.

If you’d like to keep your lessons in a particular order, you can use numbers at the beginning of their titles.

When you have between 10 and 99 lessons in a course, start numbering with 01, 02, 03… 09, 10, 11, and so on (the 0 before the 1-digit numbers is necessary to sort them correctly together with 2-digit numbers when using “Sort by A-Z”).

If your course contains even more lessons, you can start with 001, 002, 003… 009, 010, 011… 099, 100, 101, etc.

Such ordering with numbers will work in both of the presented solutions. It’s not the quickest way we could imagine, but at least it’s already possible to achieve what we need.