Sorting imported lessons by import date

Is there a way to do this? it would be extremely helpful to me, I’ve wanted to do this many a time and can’t seem to figure out how.


Library → Advanced Search → Order By Date Added to Library

Hape, he was talking about imported lessons, not lessons added to the library.

I’ve wanted to do this too, and can’t see how. You can see your imported lessons from the library by clicking on that shelf, but can’t sort them by date, and the advanced search doesn’t show your imported lessons, from what I can see. You can go to your imported lessons, but can’t sort them at all from what I can see. You can go to your lessons and sort all lessons by date, but you can’t filter only the imported lessons.

Go to My Lessons and choose “List view” in the top left corner. Than you can filter and sort your lessons. You can even choose between all lessons, archived lessons and active lessons.

My imported page was hard to navigate through for a while. Since then, I’ve deleted everything I don’t need (e.g. old newspaper articles) and everything that I want to keep (e.g. “books”) I upload as collections so they that it is nice and tidy. Now, whenever I import articles I delete them after a few days so that it stays clean. It would be nice to have a sort feature, though.

One tip, though, for anyone who wants to go down the deleting path: don’t upload stuff you don’t plan to keep as “collections” because you’ll have to go inside the collection and delete the lessons one by one.

Ah, I just saw Vera’s response. Thanks Vera :slight_smile:

Vera’s response is helpful, but only half solves my problem. I want to be able to view and sort only my imported lessons, not have to deal with all of them.

There is no way currently to do what you are asking. We are working on improving this functionality so this will be possible in the future.