Sort option within course

When I’m on the course view, and the list of lessons is shown, please can we have the option to sort by new word percentage?
Being able to filter in order to not show completed lessons would also be useful.

Some of the courses that I like to study from have hundreds of lessons and it’s really painful to have to scroll for ages to find the lessons with the right percentage of new words to study.

I like to start a course by studying the lessons with the lowest percentage of new words first, and then move onto the harder ones later. As I learn more words some of the lessons with a higher percentage of new words (in the red) might gradually reduce, so it’s more useful to study the lower percentage lessons first.

Also, on the android app, if a course has over 100 lessons, it seems to stop calculating after the 100th lesson and just shows 0% new words for all lessons after that. I understand it’s probably because it takes too long to calculate but is there anything that can be done about that?

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We will look into the Android app issue.
Regarding the New Words percentage, we will do our best to have it included as a sorting option in the upcoming update we are working on.