Sort Box on Lesson List page -- Perhaps Wish List Item

Would it be possible to make this a setting so the system will remember the User’s preferred list order? On the my imports page it cannot remember the sort order during the same session when one clicks on the link to go back to “Quick Imports” from a lesson in “Quick Imports” (FireFox in use for this test.)

Sorry for the trouble! It is actually supposed to be remembering the sort, but for some reason it seems to not be working in certain scenarios. In the meantime, it is on our list to fix :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I didn’t see it fixed. It means, the problem still exists during all these months or it was broken again.
I asuume the problem may appear after some searches in the library I perform regularly. But I already have a habit to sort the “sorted” list again to make it really sorted.
Merry Christmas.

These sort issues on the Library, My Lessons, My Imports, pages are trickier than they appear unfortunately. We are not going to be able to have them remembered, at least for the moment. Sorry about that.