Songs+Lyrics by the German industrial band "Kreuheim"

Hey there,

I posted a song by “Kreuzheim” in the German library. If you like “rough German music”, you might like it. ^^
I also created LingQs for the less common words like “Wiedergänger” and “Götterheim”.
You can watch the music video in the “ressources”-section.

Well, here´s the link ----> Kreuzheim - Songs+lyrics-Kreuzheim - Heimkehr

I´ll just update this thread when I´m posting more songs.
I hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of uploading a few songs of some Russian bands that I like, but I’m wondering if I have to ask for their permission first.

Furthermore, if the band no longer exists can you still upload their songs as shared content?

To it’s similar to Rammstien type of music. Good job get this one up in the library. Great song!

Good track Paule……thanks and keep em coming, Id like to hear more

Thanks! I’ll get to German someday, and it’ll be nice to have some songs pre-loaded.

@ Paule
This isn’t more of that braindamage stuff is it?

Thanks for adding the translation of “Götterheim”. That word comes up all the time in the books ‘Das Lied von Eis und Feuer’ that I have been reading recently. I am ending up with such wierd German vocbulary. I know words like Langswert, Streitross, Götterheim, Festung, Kettenhemd, and Usurpator.

“This isn’t more of that braindamage stuff is it?”

I have no idea what you mean by “braindamage stuff”^^

@knowing weird words

Same here…
For some reason I´m almost proud to know a lot of “niche”-words.^^

I can’t find the thread, but I remember you posting some music and somebody responding suggesting that listening to it would lead to brain damage.

Aaaah…that. I gotta admit that jasihdtgoihaeojrhioghnfdojg fdbjnaeorjtobhkajhfjkhaskjhfgnasdm,m, u8ioweiru209uzrß2j3rjs08dufgljknwlmth02u39uü

I see in this thread some text are deleted!
Auch hier wurden verschiedene Beiträge gelöscht!!


Thanks Jolanda. Yes, the post I meant was on that thread but it has been deleted. I just read my own contribution to that thread. What does the word ‘Künster’ mean and why did I write it?

Because you thought of “Künstler” and forget the L ?^^