Songs in German?

Are there any songs or music videos in German on LingQ? Preferably around Beginner 2 -Intermediate 1 range. Searching the lessons for “music” or “song” turns up many lessons, but none seem to have anything to do with music?

Songs are copyrighted and cannot be shared in the library. If you find songtexts on the internet, you can import them on your own and keep them privat.

I know this might not be exactly what you are looking for but it may interest you still. There is a website called, you can find translations for international hits to German. When you click on a song text first you get the English lyrics and when you scroll down there is a link to the German translation.

Have a look on youtube first to see what kind of genre you prefer.


If you really want to get into german culture, then I can suggest listening to a couple of songs by:

Die Toten Hosen
Die Ärzte
(Dear Germans feel free to add additional bands and singers :slight_smile: )

Thank you! These are helpful.

I found this site:

It scrolls song lyrics below music videos, and randomly blanks out some words in the transcription, for you to type in. It also automatically pauses until you get the word right. (Only typing the correct letters works - you can randomly mash the keyboard and eventually get the word right, but you are timed for score.)

But my vocabulary isn’t up to this yet… Even if I can correctly transcribe the words, I have only a vague grasp of the meaning most of the time. This is why I have signed up for LingQ! Interesting content, transcription, and translation, plus a way to mark words you want to study.

Also, the only difficulty level you can set is how frequently words are blanked out, with no way of knowing how difficult the vocabulary is for a video. You can pick videos by music genre, and by language, but playing around with that site really makes me appreciate LingQ’s difficulty level rankings and percentage known words.