Sometimes the word être seems to be missing

In the written text of the French ‘Who is she?’ I found a couple of cases where the audio version has the term ‘peut être’, and the written version only has ‘peut’. I have copied one sentence to give an example:
Peut que la fille vit simplement dans l’appartement.

Perhaps someone can fix this?
Many thanks in advance,

I just check this, Nicole. In the case of this sentence, it is in part 8. The sentence is complete. No word is missing.
There might have a problem here. This problem happened a long time ago when we saved a word, then a group of words containing that single word we already saved. I hope my explanation is not confused.
Try to go on the library and reopen this item. Then, check on your workdesk if that word is still missing. Let us know if everything is fine afterwards.
Mark? Help!! :wink:

Thank you Marianne, I should have thought of that!