Sometimes no context in vocab review fill-in the-blank

Hi there!
I have another minor issue with the new version of the app. It concerns vocabulary review and applies to all multi-word text and only to multi-word text.

I am asked to select which is the correct option to fill in the blank, but am not provided with any context at all. I will see the little image of the speaker with nothing at all below it (i.e. white space). Or if there’s a non-period punctuation mark at the end of the phrase, a “!” or a “?”, I will see just that. And then below I’m asked to select the correct option to fill in the blank. I can touch the speaker to get the sound and then select the correct option on that basis, but that’s not a fill-in-the blank exercise!

Single word review works correctly. I do see context with a blank in it.

Correction: it does not concern all multi-word text, just some. In doing review just now I came across an example of multi-word text that gave me context properly.

Can you take a screenshot of that and send it to support(at) Thanks!