Sometimes I can't find my courses in "My Lessons"

It is weird but every other day while I do my lingq routine some of my courses go missing… I usually find them again by searching the library but today even the search box couldn’t find my course… I eventually found it by changing the option from courses to lessons. It is weird… This happens both on mobile and on PC, guys please fix this annoying bug, thanks!


Yup- it is the same issue with me. I spent so much time searching for a particular course that I went through at one point in the past. I do not remember the exact key word of the lesson so searching through search box was kind of time consuming. Luckily, all of a sudden I could think of a couple of more keywords so I was able to find it through search box but yeah it is very annoying to say the least.

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Thanks, we will look into it.

Thank you!

@antebk Quick question. For courses you can’t find under My Lessons, have you assigned a level to them?

Yes, all my courses have a level to them, but I also use some courses that are not mine, that I found in the library. The weird thing is that every day 2 random courses are missing and I have to find them through the search bar or through my lessons (I use my courses option), seems like a bug. I use 8 courses everyday and I lose time by finding them through other means than usual, don’t know why this happens. Thanks!