Someone's trying to scam people on LingQ

Got this post on my Wall today:

“lovethph shared a comment with you:
Hello my dear, My name is General Nancy William, U. S. A. Army, is my pleasure to contact you after viewing your profile today, I wish to have undisclosed partnership with you, I hope you recontact me back Via the email below,

After googling the email address, he is a confirmed scam artist. I deleted his post from my wall, but beware. Do not email him

Hi Tarris1,
Thanks for letting us know. I removed that user’s account from LingQ.

You would think these con artists could try ever such a little bit harder to seem authentic?

I mean, opening with “Hello my dear”…LOL! And claiming to be a General(!) in the “U.S.A. Army” (US Army perhaps?) with an account at…!

It gets a 1/10 for subtlety and a (generous) 5/10 for artistic merit…

Well, there is a saying that some things are too crazy to have been made up. Of course it’s bullshit, but this person might not be aware of that.

I knew it was bullshit from the second I saw it. I am posting this to prevent people from being scammed, thats all

“he is a confirmed scam artist. I deleted his post from my wall, but beware. Do not email him”

Never trust a man named Nancy?!

I can only assume he is a man as I have never actually seen a female scam artist. I doubt he’s called Nancy like the real general Nancy Williams who is a woman :stuck_out_tongue:

At least he’s not a nigerian prince! :slight_smile:

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Oh believe you me, women can be scam artists too.

When I wrote ‘this person’, I meant the person posting the scam.


I was thinking, if this astrophysics malarkey ever peters out, maybe you could consider turning to the dark side instead?

As Conan Doyle implied in his writings, most criminal endeavours fail through the sheer stupidity of the perpetrators! But you would be a master criminal!

So how about it? :smiley:

(If you like, I could be the Colonel Sebastian Moran to your Professor Moriarty!)

I am of course joking…

aren’t I…?! :-0

Just admit it. We won’t tell anyone.

Actually, you might want to email him/her. There’s a series of funny videos of one bloke who has done just that. Check them out on YouTube:

It’s worth a laugh or two.

Feel free to do so for me, but if you google the email address you’ll find that someone has done the same thing before so I know what kind of email I would get in return

Also, even without googling the email addres, the use of English is a dead giveaway that the message is inauthentic. Thanks for alerting us.