Someone help me learn English

I’m almost giving up on learning English. I love English is a dream since childhood is to learn the language, I have no money to pay for a course or a person to help me, my biggest deficuldade are, what to study all day, what you hear every day how to apply the english language my life and I would be very happy if someone could help me until I could walk alone, we all need someone in the beginning, I am today, tomorrow may be you. thanks

I’m from Brazil

You might want to read the following tips by someone whose name escapes me at the moment.

Basing on my own experience I thought that I would never speak English and I also never understand an English movie. For several times I thought in that way. And giving up was the only option I had. But what about my dreams? What about the reasons why I got involved in this new experience? Then I said no. And then I invested on myself, I spent a lot of time listening to podcast, reading articles in English, and making mistakes while I was speaking with people around the internet. English is fantastic. Not because of the language itself, but because it gives you the opportunity to get in touch with many different cultures, people and knowledge. If you don’t know what to study, then it’s because you are repeating the same lessons.

Money isn’t an obstacle. There are many websites around the internet with free access to the contents. Lingq is one of them. If you like politics, sport, computer science, literature, then find resources wich focus in what you like. Make download of podcasts with transcrips, read articles, watch English TV’s. There’s no excuse to give up.

I do a lot of mistakes, and many people here can easily identify them. But it doesn’t hurt me. It gives motivation, because by correcting my mistakes one day I’ll be perfect. That’s what I’m looking for. I want to be fluent in English. I know it will take years but nothing will stop me for achieving this goal.

I spent two years studying English in a private school. I waste money and time because I was not learning anything with them. When I start studying by myself I could see my progress. Studying alone in my point of view in better than studying in a school.

Please don’t give up. Stay with us. One day you’ll recognize the efforts of today.

Just keep at it, I’m English, and trying to learn French, progressing i think…

I know a lot of things may seem difficult and hard for you to understand in English right now. I think we can all relate to that because we’re all here to learn languages. I’m learning Korean and like you a lot of it doesn’t make sense to me yet!

However, I don’t think you NEED anyone to hold your hand to get started. There’s no concrete checklist , steps 1-10 , order etc for you to learn a language in a logical pattern. ALLL you need is Motivation and time!!! everything will start getting easier after months and months of using Lingq. You only signed up to lingq 2 weeks ago!!!

All you need to do is take English lessons in lingq everyday, create new lingqs , review flash cards once in a while , read things on the internet, listen to english lingq content over and over and over again , review the lessons over and over again , listen some more, watch English movies , meet English people in where you live and repeat everything over and over again. Eventually after a few months you will improve and things will start to make sense!!!

I know you want to see improvements RIGHT RIGHT away but language learning is HARD and just takes time and dedication.

the #1 thing you neeed is MOTIVATION and INTEREST. SOOOOO everything you do in english make sure that its interesting to you! YOu need to find content that you find INTERESTING in the lingq library .
the #2 thing is to have FUN =p
the #3 thing is to just let go and not worry to much about how you progress , about if your making too many mistakes ect… Just learn to be patient and give language learning some time!

There’s no secret , its hard work but you just need to make it interesting for yourself.

Keep studying the lingq way and come back in 3-6 months after doing everything i mentioned above! IF all goes well you’ll be 100x better than you are now… IF you come back after 3-6 months with no improvement you probably skipped one of the steps above ( didnt listen enough , didn’t review , didn’t make enough lingq/ reviewed them, were lazy =p). Signing up to lingq or a language course isnt enough YOu need to put in the time!

Good luck.

Thanks for the tips.

in three months come back here to say how is my learn


I feel LingQ is an excellent web site for learning a language. I suggest that you study the English lessons on LingQ and please don’t wait three months to post again.

I have tried several language learning sites, and LingQ is the one that seems to be working the best for me. I think I am retaining more of what I am studying with the LingQ lessons. Reading is the easiest part of language learning for me, and I try to read LingQ lessons and other online French sources. I have some French and Quebec news sites that I read and listen to regularly. Listening, writing, and speaking are difficult for me. In fact, I have never spoken a word of French to anyone. Tomorrow I will have my first opportunity to do this with a tutor, and I am looking forward to it.

Good luck!

activity is an easy read for me, understand what I’m listening, and speaking, it’s too hard!


Well I didnt mean to wait 3 months literally =p.
My point was that he only signed up 3 weeks ago and hes ready to give up unless someone holds his hand and tells him exactly how to learn english because its too hard.
I just meant he should be putting more time into learning english and that after a few months of studying the lingq way he should have improved if hes been listening ALOT and doing ALOT of input over and over again.
It’s hard to learn this way especially if theres no instant result like how teachers teach in school with Activity sheets and writing grammar over and over again which in the end isn’t helpful at all but gives you a sense that you learned something. Some how learning the lingq way is easy and fun yet theres no instant result and i Can see why people would get frustrated BUT you just need to be patient!!! Its worth it.

PAYNEXR2 By all means post here when you have a specific question about english =p. I wasnt trying to scare you away and make you unwelcomed here. The forums are here to help but i Do think you need to give it alot of time before you see improvement. It wont happen overnight.

I understand.

I KNOW that will improve, but I have that study much.

thank you the all!