Someone Edited Your Lesson

I received an email that says someone revised one of my lessons. I’ve never seen this before. What does this mean? Thanks!

It means exactly that. What I don’t like about it is that no way you’d know what exactly was edited.


Neither do I! It would be better to know what exactly the ‘editor’ did, Maybe somebody deliberately spoiled my lesson (unfortunately everything can be!) and I have to read it again and again to define what was changed.


Premium users have ability to edit lesson, in case they notice typo for example. On the Edit Lesson page, you can switch between edited version and original version, and approve or decline changes.

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How do you decline the changes?

“Save and approve” button will keep changes. You will also notice the “Original Text” tab on the top. Click on it and there you will see the “Revert lesson to original text button”.

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I clicked on the “Revert lesson to original text” button. Do I then have to click the button that just says “Save”?

Yes, revert, save and that’s it.

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Zoran, it’s perhaps not difficult when the podcast is short. But if my podcast is more than 1000 words, I have to be Sherlock Holmes to find the difference at once. And if it lasts more than 15 minutes, I’d better write a new lesson than look for a word which was changed.
The best solution - not to inform ‘someone edited your lesson’, but to give the word or the sentence which was edited.