Some thoughts about the courses

I added some courses to the German library. Personally I like the course idea but I got the feeling that there are things missing.

  1. It would be better to have separates shelves for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, or a rating system for the level (like the level for the lessons). Now there are only a few courses but imagine there are maybe 100 courses in the future! I’ve just created 13 beginner courses for German but I’ve ideas for more than 30 other courses (at all levels)! I’ll add them soon. And that’s only me. Other members will add courses as well (I hope so). Maybe courses should appear in a special order (like the ‘old courses’).

  2. If you take the first lesson, you have to reopen the course to pick up the next lesson. This is not very convenient.

  3. It would be nice to be able to take the whole course.

These are good suggestions, Vera. We first wanted to get some courses up before making refinements. We didn’t want to sort by level and have some levels with no courses showing. Therefore, for now it’s a good idea to indicate the level in the title. When we have a lot of courses we will look at sorting them.

We do want to add a way to go to the next lesson in a course like you can do with a collection. This is planned.

Thank you.