Some thoughts about synonyms

Almost everyone who learns a foreign language is interested in synonyms.
I’ve made an interview with Richard about English synonyms.
Some of his examples are very interesting.
You can read and listen to this interview by this link:

It was the podcast about English synonyms, but today we’ve prepared a podcast about Russian synonyms.
Here is the link foк those who learns Russian - “СИНОНИМЫ В РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ”:

Hi Evgueny, I’m interested too in synonyms when I read and listen an article or text I search synonyms. For example sometimes or often I try formulate the phrase differently by respecting the expressed idea. It’s not easy when you want to restate the idea of phrase in the text or articl, I think with the synonyms allow we rephrase exatly respecting the sense of the phrase and we can use synonyms. It’s interesting. Thanks