Some suggestions

I am new member here, I think Lingq is great tool, one suggestion please add Jim Breen’s Japanese dictionary, as it is one of the best and free online Japanese dictionaries out there!

  • Also is there a “read later” button, maybe there is please let me know, as there are many times I would open a lesson and I want to read it later.
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You could make a playlist called “Read later” and put lessons in it.

@bleach86 - I’ve been able to add the English to Japanese, but can’t seem to find a way to add the Japanese to English. The term needs to be in the URL for us to be able to add it.

For “read later”, you can try what keke_eo suggests. I also might recommend opening a lesson then going to the Learn page and pinning that lesson on your Timeline.

Thanks for your replies, I’ll try out your suggestions.