Some suggestions / tweaks to the forums

Hi, just thought I’d chime in with some thoughts/suggestions:


  • Can they sort by last updated post in each thread. (basically in SQL-speek: order by “most-recent-posted-date” desc)

  • The new open forum in sweedish, to be consistent, may warrant its title and description changed to match the others ie: Sweedish forum title in sweedish (Sweedish forum title in English)

  • Can we see the topic poster’s name in the thread view?

  • Can there be another view like “top 20” or something which shows the last 20 posts across any forum?

  • Can we re-edit our posts once we have made them? Would be useful when posting up corrections… and you happen to see some more after you’ve posted it up. :slight_smile:

  • Some editing mark-up would be nice, eg: [strikethrough][/strikethrough] - that last one imho would be good for making corrections to text.


Hi rsherfan,

These are good suggestions and we will keep them in mind the next time we have some time to improve the forum.