Some suggestions for improvement found in the process of learning English

I have been using LingQ to learn English for a long time. However, I found that there are some areas that can seriously affect my learning experience with LingQ during the learning process. I hope the LingQ developers can improve these areas. I believe it will be helpful for all English learners.

  1. Whether using the web page or IOS APP, I found that many articles have the problem of sentence separation. This will cause the user not to be able to select all the words when translating the whole sentence, resulting in inaccurate translation. Learners cannot understand the exact meaning of the sentence. This also occurs in the Sentence view, resulting in incomplete sentence display. It even affects the user to select some phrases.

  2. If an automatic playback mode is added in the Sentence view, it will be very helpful for listening practice. For example, select a sentence and automatically replay the audio repeatedly.

  3. The web experience has deteriorated. If I use a computer and try to learn with Chrome, the reaction speed of LingQ on the article reading page will become sluggish. I hope this can be optimized.

  4. Add AI translation or related AI parsing functionality.
    I hope LingQ can pay attention to my suggestions. If LingQ can finally be adopted, I believe it will greatly improve the use experience of learners.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We will do our best to continue improving.