Some strange words appearing by the import

I’ve noticed recently some stranges words by the import of the texts:
‘Mark end of sentence’
‘Toggle sentences’ - just on the field where we paste the new text.
I understand that such actions are maybe important for the program but they were always hidden from us - perhaps we can somehow to hide them again because they distract the attention by importing new materials.

Agreed. I have just imported some text and am, for the first time, seeing hundreds of paragraph/sentence markers all over the text. They are very intrusive. Thanks

Same problem here. After each sentence is a paragraph marker added. I’ve copied the text from an rtf-file. Copying the text in the Editor to get rid of formatting doesn’t help too. Then I get the text without any paragraph. I guess the symbol for “New paragraph” is now taken as a marker for a new sentence but it doesn’t work properly.

Hi everyone,
This new option show allow you to mark the end of the sentence if it hasn’t been done automatically.
This way we want to make sure that only 1 sentence shows in the sentence mode. Since this was implemented recently, if you have some issues with this, please take a screenshots and send us on support email.

There are some issues here we are trying to sort out. Sorry about that. We should hide this markers from most users by default.