Some small improvements

I’ve been using LingQ for a few days and it’s a very nice tool.

Here are some suggestions that would make it better for me:

  1. I want to highlight and copy text. I would like to highlight 2 or more words and then copy these to a translation software (the google translate in LingQ doesn’t show the entire translation if it exceeds a certain length).
  2. a button to rewind the audio by about 10 seconds, and the ability to loop a section of audio
  3. Chinese lessons in pinyin
  4. Arabic lessons with English transliteration (or at least make the Arabic letters much bigger and clearer)

@AngLQ - Thanks for your feedback on the site.

If you’re wanting to look up a phrase in LingQ, you can highlight the phrase then click “Search Dictionary”, then you can select Google Translate as the dictionary to see the full translation. There are also other dictionaries available which you may want to take a look at.

In an upcoming version we are hoping to have a rewind button that will allow you to jump back in the audio. We don’t have immediate plans to add any sort of looping functionality so you may want to download the audio file then open it in Audacity or a similar program that offers this feature.

Pinyin and transliteration depend on the person who originally shared the lesson. We do have functionality to support these additional resources, but they are not currently required for users who are sharing lessons to the Library. Of course, if you are interested in helping add Pinyin or transliteration to lessons in a specific language, let us know and we can give you editor access.

If you have any other questions or suggestions be sure to let us know!