Some reflections on the corona virus in these uncertain times

Edit: I know that lots of people are worried about the virus itself and the aftermath. This virus has taken us off guard and there are also lots of unknown factors about the virus that scares me which is way I have been commenting so much recently. It’s a why for me to alleviate my anxiety.

I feel that now more than ever it’s important to say and do stuff that might seem like nobody cares so here is some reflections of mine over this whole Corona virus thing. If this post helped you in anyway than great because it certainly helped me. Even the smallest of actions can have a huge impact we just don’t see it often.

Now is not the time to judge people

People have different coping mechanisms. It might be tempting to call people who go out to pubs and shopping center selfish (c word). I am sure that people might feel angry, saddened, etc. by the fact that the whole word seems to be shutting down for a “simple flu”. I believe that both sides have some solid arguments. However, when people panic, they make bad decisions.

Mankind has gone through some horrific events but in moments of crisis it’s important to be calm and not let yourself be taken over by your most basic instinct. I suggest that you watch Jordan Petersons address to the Oxford Union (the link below). This address helped alleviate my own anxieties a few days ago.

When you are sad, anxious watch something you like, uplifting

It might sound almost patronizing but, in this day, and age when news is around us all the time, I find it’s more important than ever to not make snap decisions and try at least to appear calm and do something. It’s okay to me scared, anxious, sad, whether or not you are an adult or a child.

Still if you are panicking channel it into constructive behaviour

If you feel that you don’t know what to do ask yourself this. What is something that would make sense whether or not this is the 21-century version of the plague or just an overreaction brought on my fearmongering.

Make soup and put it into the fridge.
Watch a movie or TV series that you were on the fence about and follow through (watch it or move on to something else).

Here are some videos that have helped me in the past couple of days

Share yours with other people.

Peterson’s Oxford union address

Dr. Martin Blaser Answers Coronavirus Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Aboard in Japan

Dr. Mike

Lucrezia seems to do lots of extra videos during the Corona pandemic.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions and all that. It’s little over a century before the WW1 ended. In that time we have had one pandemic, two huge scientific advances, a cold war that almost eliminated mankind. It might seem grim at the moment but we are only experiencing the beginning of this crisis. Now is the time if ever for people who feel that they can make a difference to make it.


selfish*, I suppose you mean
But they are!

Yeah, that’s a typo, I must confess that really pisses me off. Perhaps that was not such a good example but I figured that people would get triggered if I’d use the example of politics which has been very decisive in these last couple of years. I do believe that even if people become more civilized with each generation, century, etc. There is still a certain inherent Darwinism in nature.

I know that in the last couple of months I have gone on and on about my personal problems. masked in a posts about self improvement. But to get to the point about my Darwinism, I believe that people lots of people will die due to this pandemic. Obviously, older people are at risk but let’s face it sooner or later the bell tolls for everyone. I am sure that does that go to pubs, etc. will regret there actions in one way or the other at some point. In my case I feel that it has hammered home to me of how serious this pandemic truly is. I hope my actions will help with all of us overcoming it what ever happens at least I did something.

I feel that we are still at a point where those that take preventive measures (lift their mood, plan things etc. will survive). I have suffered in my life due to the stupidity of others. The reason why I have been in such a mess for the last decade and a half (2005-2020) has been because of my spineless grandmother.

During my childhood I was bullied, people thought I was weird (like Young Sheldon). Except that my mother is a rational person. She’s also the only person that has ever truly believed in me and supported me (out of the people that i know personally).

I don’t want to make any promises that I can keep but since we live in such uncertain times and are to an extent at the mercy of idiots. I want everybody to know that there are sane people working hard in the trenches. I am in the process of working towards becoming self employed through writing. I also hope that I will earn enough of a solid living to be able to help people learn more obscure languages.

Stay strong, plan ahead and never give up no matter how dark it might seem. I have decided that I am going to start writing posts in other languages on more joyful topics so that people will have something inspiring to read during these difficult times.

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I live in the epicenter in the U.S. I have to be thoughtful but at the same time I can’t live in fear. It’s a good time for me to reorganize my life and improve on other things. My speaking has increased by a magnitude by speaking at least once a week with someone. I am not allowed to go to the gym, but I need to improve my running, so I have been enjoying this beautiful spring Washington weather by running every day. I also have been playing the piano a lot more. Also, my beer consumption has increased quite a bit as well!

That being said, people that are getting angry and unrightfully taking it out on other people need to get a hobby. Wasted energy is the biggest shame in all of this.

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Yep, over the past couple of months I have learnt that almost everything has a bright side if you look at it at the right angle. People are going to die and small business owners are going to suffer as well as ordinary people who don’t have a strong enough safety net. That’s way it’s even more important to be prepared.

The world might be a scarier place than what it was 100 years ago but also the fact that people can support each other from across the globe is also quite amazing and inspiring. I have been very anxious over this situation but in many ways it has also offered me many opportunities. I have discovered them by carefully assessing the situation and planning accordingly.

" That being said, people that are getting angry and unrightfully taking it out on other people need to get a hobby. Wasted energy is the biggest shame in all of this."

Absolutely, if it weren’t for my language hobby then I’d probably be dead by now because of stress and high blood pressure.

I was trying to find some news as to when the libaries will be once again open and I found these corona virus instructions on the website for Espoo in many different languages. Not exactly the most uplifting topic but they have instructons in languages like Albanian, Somali and a few others.

Sivua ei löytynyt | Espoon kaupunki

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