Some questions about vocabulary

hi,everybody.I’m a language learner from china and I have some questions about vocabulary learning.I totally agree with Steve’s opinion about language learning that grammar is not the most important but the vocabulary is.But when I read an English book,there are so many words I don’t understand.I write them down,recite them for many times.But next time I see them,I forget again.Do you guys have some useful methods to deal with this problem, or it is just a common phenomenon in language learning?Just keep reciting and time will help you.Give me an answer please, thanks.

It takes a long time for vocabulary to truly sink in. You wouldn’t believe how many times I saw the Russian verb for “to remain” before I actually remembered the meaning of it. It can be frustrating. For some people it helps to use Anki, a free program that helps you memorize things. Just don’t introduce too many words daily and don’t spend too much time on it (I prefer not more than half an hour daily) because the most important thing is to see the vocabulary in action, but when memorizing words that have difficult meanings or many meanings or words that you don’t see too often it can be very helpful. Other than that the only way to become really good is to keep using the language for a long time.

Thanks for your suggestion.I will keep on reading English books to remember more words.Maybe someday I will speak English like native speakers.