Some questions about conversations

I have a couple of doubts about conversations:

  1. when I sign up for a conversation hosted by another tutor, do I still appear as available for students looking for a conversation with me on the same date, at the same time? Of course, I cannot be available. :slight_smile:
  2. is it impossible to book a conversation for the same day? I mean, I have looked at the conversation schedules of all English tutors who had published slots for today but I always got the message “Sorry, no slot available. Try another day or another tutor” (the actual wording is different). But it seems unlikely to me that all tutors for English are busy all day long. In particular, Matt (Matt92) yesterday told me his next conversation would be on Tuesday, I think.
    Can anyone clarify my doubts?

Regarding the second question, you can book 1-on-1 conversation only 12 hour ahead.

Spasibo for your answer!

Mike, if someone sets up a group conversation for the same day then you can sign up, because you can sign up for group conversations 1 minute before the conversation.

Thanks for the info, Harry.

What about my first question? Can anyone answer?

Yes Mike, unfortunately there is no connection between times that you offer as a tutor and book as a student. You have to take care about this on your own.

Danke Vera. That was what I had already seen on my conversation schedule, but I wanted to be sure of it. Can this be one of the next improvements?

I think we asked for it two years ago :frowning: