Some problems in the iphone app

hi, i just wanted to report the following problems i have in the new version of iphone app:

  • I Cant create playlists… in fact i create them, but suddently it says me “waiting” and they never load anymore. Or suddenly they just get deleted and it says me i have 0 tracks on the play list.

  • Courses also can be deleted suddenly.

  • My fauvorite dictionary for russian LINGVO YANDEX, doesnt load in iphone app. it redirects me to a wrong page.

  • is there any way to show the last lessons you´ve done, and not the last courses?? Since i cant save playlists of fauvorite tracks, is a bit annoying having to found the lesson in the course everytime (specially if course have more than 100 different lessons).

thats all. i hope it can help you to improve next versions. Thank youобзор&lang=ru-es

Thats the dictionary i would like yo use in Russian. Is there any way to Add it to my list of dictionarys on the ipjone app? Thank you

Sorry for the trouble here! The cause of this is that the app is only storing the last 10 courses, so courses that were accessed before this are not staying active in the list. We’ve got this on our list to fix, and once this is fixed it should resolve three of the four issues you note above.

For the dictionary, a fix for this (and other dictionaries) will be included in the next update :slight_smile:

thank you