Some new podcasts about Russia in English

Everyone who is interested in Russian history or culture and can’t read Russian is able now to read and listen to some new podcasts about Russia in English. They are translations of some my Russian podcasts into English made by my friend from Auatralia Tim Coyle.
Here are the links:
Login - LingQ - October revolution day
Login - LingQ - Day of Nation unity (a new Russian holiday)
Login - LingQ - Vysotsky lived…(about a popular Russian actor and singer)

Evgueny - Would you provide the links for these articles in the Russian library? I can’t find them. When I search for your articles by name, very few come up. Thanks!

THey are all of my collection “День за днем”.
Now I try to find them:
Login - LingQ - День Октябрьской революции
Login - LingQ - День национального единства
Login - LingQ - Высоцкий жил, Выцсоцкий жив…

Thank you!