Some links, FinnGo

Here’s an interesting tool that lets you surf the web in Finnish (on any device without plugins) and click to get the translation, only if you need it.

There’s an Windows phone and android app too.

And a list of most used English words with Finnish translations

Thank you!

This is good! is it possible to get more links,search more words?

If I can ask, have you used it while learning Finnish?and how did you learn,study new words(when there was not LingQ)?

I didn’t use this as it is quite new and I moved to Finland much earlier.

Before discovering LingQ I used SRS systems. First Supermemo, then Twinkle, then Anki. I had very good results using them with classroom-based study. Exposure to language was not a problem, as I lived in the target language country and heard and read it all the time.

Thank you.

my advice is to learn always the 4 important forms (nouns:gen sg+pl and part sg+pl ///verbs:,, past participle active, imperfect passive)!!!

when i learnt it (in 1988) i haven spoken on a cassette, nowadays google translation tool may read for you, saved with audacity and put onto MP3player, is more modern :slight_smile: [huom! sometime “ä” is wrongly pronounced as “a”!]
listened while clearing up, ironing, washing dishes aso. millions of times - I wont forget the sound till the rest of my life, and have always the correct form in mind!

tietää know tietää, tiedän, tiesi, tietänyt, tiedettiin
saari isle,island saari, saaren, saarta, saarien, saaria

otherwise use more ways than just one computer based, write notes and stick them on everything in your flat, use an “overhead pen” and write it on the mirror in the bathroom(to read while brushing teeth), use a traditionally vocabulary booklet, play “Top Trumps” or Happy Families with the 4forms, or just Eng + Finn so Memory or Pelmanism

and build simple sentences with the 4 forms…
(search with google for correct examples!!! dont use learning platforms because there are many mistakes, you may easily copy… Finnish news paper websides or Finnish wikipedia are pretty “safe” sources to get correct sentences…

the big point is Finnish has an important grammar! you cant stream words like in English-- there everybody would understand(to 60-80% it is even correct) , but in Finnish it would 100%ly incorrect and most ppl couldnt understand it.