Some iLingQ App problems

Sometimes in the app text view a comma “,” is displayed as a question mark “?”.

The LingQs of the day are available one day late, e.g. the LingQs of 2010-09-23 are available from today 2010-09-24.

LingQs with status 4 are still yellow in the text display.

I like the iLingQ app very much and hope it will be improved in the future.

@hape- (1) The odd strange character can appear depending on the encoding of the text you are studying and your device interface language. Because of the varying types of texts that are uploaded and the various interface languages people use on the device, these are very hard to track down. Which lesson is giving you this problem?
(2) There is a delay in when the LingQs of the Day can be accessed by the app. There is a technical reason for this. We will try to change this in the future.
(3) Again, because on LingQ all status 4 words are essentially yellow words but are shown with grey underline, the app picks them out in yellow. I don’t find it too much of a problem especially since I can often come across status 4 words that I don’t remember. We will see if we can get status 4 words to show with a grey underline but this is more difficult on the app.

Mark, I experience problem n° 1 too. I think it appears on all lessons.

Thanks, Mark, for your answers.

(2) & (3) are not very important to me.

(1) downgrades the readability of the text on the iPhone a bit. Sometimes this occurs with uploaded private texts. One example of a public text is: “Les jours de la semaine, et l’astronomie”

Thanks again for the great work.

One observation: Commas directly after LingQ-ed words are changed to “?” in the iLingQ app. Commas after words that have not been LingQ-ed are unchanged.

Another observation: LingQ-ed words begin on the iPhone in lowercase, although they begin with an uppercase letter in the original text.

Hi Hans-Pierre,

Thanks for your extensive bug-searching! We’ll take these errors into account as we continue to improve our mobile applications.


Thanks, hape. I’ve never noticed the comma bug before. I have just ignored those question marks I guess! We will look into these issues.

The new version of iLingQ is up in the iTunes app store. You should see an update indicator the next time you go to the app store. This update includes a variety of bug fixes but no new functionality. The issue with the app crashing regularly should be resolved as well as the bug that was showing commas as question marks.

Thank you, but after installing the update I still see commas as question marks.

Strange! That was fixed in the test version but now I see the problem is back. We will look into it.

Some other bugs I noticed in the app…

The app fails to show the yellow lingqed words in these cases:

(1) if the word comes directly before or after a quotation mark ex. “buscar tres pies al gato”— neither buscar or gato will show yellow.

(2) if the word comes directly after a ¿ or a a ex. ¿Y tu? — y will not show yellow

(3) if the word comes directly after a period (it will show if it comes after the customary two spaces that marks the end of a sentence ) ex. tercios…si, si…vamos.,— vamos will not show yellow.

(4) if the word is in all caps ex. CONTROL música de ÉPOCA — both CONTROL and ÉPOCA will not show yellow. (although I just did a test import lesson with all caps and it showed the lesson with no caps)

(5) if the first word of a sentence is capitalized it ex. Questa frutilla? — Questa will not show yellow.(I think capitalized first letters of sentences is messed up in general sometimes it won’t capitalize them sometimes it will, but when it does not, the lingq will show correctly.

That’s my experience with it so far, but i’m only studying spanish. Mark, on a side note, I know you guys are busy but is there any potential to put a button to the left of the play button on the bottom of the app that will bring you back maybe like 10 seconds (or allow the user to decide the length). I have seen this on other apps and it makes it soooo much easier to repeat instantly what you may have missed/not comprehended. As it is now its really difficult to do with with the slider. Although that may not be possible since its streaming the audio. Which brings up my most requested feature downloadable audio from withinin the app :slight_smile:

I forget the ¡ in number two, it should read…

(2) if the word comes directly after a ¿ or a a ¡ ex. ¿Y tu? — y will not show yellow

@ rjtrudel - Thanks for the detailed feedback! We will forward this to our iPhone developer to follow up on.

There is a new version of iLingQ available which finally does deal with the comma issue. We will have another update in a week or so fixing most of these other issues and including a 10 second rewind button.

Thanks Mark, I have just started learning Spanish and have seen the comma/question mark problem. Looks to be fixed now :slight_smile: The initial Capital letter issue (word not showing as yellow) is the only other one that I have noticed so far.

It’s great that the question mark issue has been solve. Now it’d be nice if capital letters were showed as such in a coming update. I see them as small letters, especially those in yellow.

Thank you very much. But, some yellow words are still not in capital letters.

We will deal with the missing yellow words in our next update. Unfortunately, the capitalization issue is a trickier one and we can’t fix it at this time.