Some glitch at creating translation for phrases

Hello LingQ Support Team,

I noticed that sometimes when I want to check the meaning of the phrase, the system does some strange things. For example:

  1. I tried to create the phrase “short-haul”, but after I chose the translation I need, the system marked the words “flew short”, but still showed me the needed wording and translation in the personal dictionary (for short-haul).

2 After few pages I created a translation for the phrase “common man”. And the same expression appeared again on the next page, but the system highlighted other words for this phrase, keeping the correct dictionary wording and translation.

Both issues look super weird and I just wanted to let you know that they exist.
I will get around this issue and just ignore it, as it’s not crucial for me. But it might be important and unpleasant for newbies in language learning.

Best Regards,

Thanks for reporting that. Can you please post a link to that specific lesson from screenshots above? Thanks!

Sure, here it is: Login - LingQ

I re-split that lesson and seem to work fine on my end now. Tested it with the words from your screenshot. But let me know if you still have the same problem.

Thank you very much, Zoran. I hope it will work fine.
Just for my understanding, what do you mean by re-split?

For any lesson you import, on the edit lesson page, you will find the “re-split text” button on the left. You can try with that first if you notice the same problem with any lesson in future.

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Got it now. Thank you so much, Zoran!

Hi Zoran,
I faced the same issue. Here: Login - LingQ
It’s with the words “at the expense of others”. It shows “often at the expense of” instead.
I tried to re-split the text, but it didn’t help, at least for me.
No need to bother in updating my lesson. I just want you to be aware that this issue still exists. Maybe to put it in “to-do list” for programmers.
I will continue as it is.

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Thanks @AllanaSM, I’ll check that lesson too.

A new glitch here: Login - LingQ
With the words “bell curve”, while in the text it colours “of the”…

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