Some comments / suggestions

I’ve been using LingQ for a week or so, having previously used it a couple of other times over the years.
I’ve got a few suggestions which I think would make the user-experience a little better.
I’ve tried to keep my suggestions simple and to-the-point but can provide any further info if needed.


  • Ability to edit words / phrases once imported into Vocabulary
  • for example, I import ‘voiture’ as one word, but want to store it in vocab it as ‘une voiture’.
  • Imported phrases can sometimes be a bit random
  • A ‘most common words’ list where words can be quickly and easily marked as known
  • Ability to review vocabulary from the Vocabulary tab, maybe by allowing users to hide / display the translation. Almost like a very rudimentary flashcard system but in a list view
  • Ability to quickly review words in before starting a new lesson so we can mark names, numbers, plus any other known words as known.
  • I always unblock ‘paging moves to known’ so this might not affect many people
  • Move the ‘completed lesson’ button on the reader view
  • I sometimes click this thinking it’s still the ‘forward’ button
  • Ability to edit / format text in the Import Lesson tab, ability to change colours, paragraph spacing or underline words instead of highlight
  • Ability to continuously scroll a lesson instead of page-turns
  • Ability to import images, create charts etc - so we could potentially create more textbook-style pages for grammar-oriented lessons
  • Ability to edit a lesson without leaving the reader
  • Ability to switch to a simpler Kindle-like reader view - sometimes I feel the screen is too busy when all I want to is read - a page view, with the ability to mark words as known or create lingqs
  • Ability to better manage audio - I believe you need to be on the ‘course audio’ tab for audio files to download. Download all, delete all, download lesson options would be helpful