Some Cantonese characters are combined into words when they should be separate

  • I’ve imported the text “你哋有咩歌同你啲回憶有連結㗎?”. The characters 歌同 are combined into a word and I have no way to separate them so that I can learn them individually. As far as I’m aware, this is not a valid word, but two different characters strung together which LingQ thinks is a word.
  • In story 5, the traditional Chinese word 鍾意 is written as both 鍾 意 and 鍾意. The first representation has a space between the two characters and the second one doesn’t. The problem is that LingQ sees these two representations of words as two different words altogether. This means that they both have their own entry in the vocabulary table, which doesn’t really make sense because they’re the same exact word.
  • Cantonese TTS does not work in the LingQ Android app. An error notification pops up stating ‘this language (Cantonese) is not supported by your active TTS engine’. The text is then played with the Mandarin TTS. I have the Cantonese (Hong Kong) Google TTS voice data installed along with all the other Chinese TTS voice data packs.

Proper word split is an issue with Asian languages and we are working on improving that. Hopefully problems like the one you mentioned will be taken care of in new reader which we are working on at the moment.


That sounds very promising! I’ve updated and will carry on updating the thread with some other issues and bugs I find, hopefully this is of use to the developers. Thanks for your reply!

I’ve been finding this a lot as well. I mean, really surprisingly a lot. A side bug is that common words like m4 and hou2 aren’t even shown above the chinese character. As part of my “25 LingQs per day” I’m going through the 50 Lessons and joining/splitting characters as necessary to correct them.

This should be improved a lot in the upcoming update we are working on.

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Hi zoran. Do you know if any progress has been made on this bug since this thread was created? Cheers.

It’s really annoying and one of the reasons I don’t study Cantonese as often on here. OPLingo has figured out how to resplit and unsplit characters, there’s no technical reason LingQ can’t.

Damn. Wish I’d known about OPLingo! Would have checked it out before putting a years subscription down on LingQ…

OPlingo used to be free. Maybe they were trying to build a userbase before charging.
I think part of the problem is LingQ tries to do too many things. Ditch the ‘tutor’ and flashcard features, they’re rarely used and other apps or sites do them much better.
Also make the ‘coins’ you get for making progress actually mean something!

@lewis42 As far as I know, it will work much better in 5.0 version.

Most lessons will allow you to edit them… It’s a bit tedious, but whenever I encounter a word split error, I generally stop the lesson, go into the editor, and do a quick sweep for more., because if there’s one, there will be more. I usually find a few more and then just save + open the lesson again.

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Same. I’ve been through the 50 LinqQ Mini Stories and done this. I should be on the payroll…

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hahaha I’ve kind of felt the same way, but it actually feels good when I’m done because I know that whoever’s going to use the lesson after me is actually learning the right thing. Having a Chinese wife helps hahaha sometimes she’ll hear/see something over my shoulder and say “WTF is that? That isn’t right” hahaha

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Story 14 (and some others in the “LingQ 50”) has audio that says stuff that doesn’t actually match the transcript. facepalm
I can’t figure out how to get chinese characters in when I edit lesson. Normally I’d copy in the correct characters from Pleco, but Paste is disabled.

Is this still the case? I’d be happy to go correct them.

I presume so. Some are locked to public so I can’t I can’t edit myself, and the ones that say one thing and the transcript says another are still the same for reasons above. I can’t remember which lessons though, so I don’t want you to waste time. I’m just living with them now. When the fabled v5.0 comes out perhaps the character splitting & joining will be improved. Although, I suspect this won’t retrospectively fix things.

Still a problem in the 5.0 beta. Really hoped this would be fixed by now :confused: