Some bugs with YouTube imports

The first bug occurs when I play the video, then stop, and task to another app, to look up a word or write down a phrase. Sometimes when I task back, it resets to the start of the video. It takes me ages to relocate my position. It can be several minutes.

The second issue is that when playing a video, I can’t stop it, and tap on a word to see the meaning. So I switch to line view, and tap on a word. Now I want to return to playing. So I get rid of the line view, by clicking the top left arrow. I’m back to the text view. Okay, so I tap the play button at bottom left, and the video restarts at the beginning. That is really annoying. It can take ages to refind my place, making the system very hard to use i.e. it’s slow and clunky.

The third issue is that I would like to play the audio while seeing the text, but without the video and the autoscroll. That would solve the previous issues.

Yes I can work through line by line but that’s slow and the sentences often don’t match exactly the audio.

Oh, and another bug. I’ve just spent an hour listening several times to a YouTube video. My progress for the day is almost zero. In other words, playing a video doesn’t update the progress, unlike playing the audio associated with a text.


Thanks for reporting, our team will look into this.

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