There are now initial translations for all 60 mini-stories in Somali. If you speak this language, know someone who does, or are a learner who might enjoy finding mistakes, the initial translations could use some corrections and audio recordings to bring them to life on LingQ. Once complete, the files can be sent to Zoran.

If no volunteers can be found, crowdfunding is an option. Its much more cost-effective to have these translations edited than done from scratch.

I’ll be making a post every time a new language has all of its mini-stories translated and in need of correction and recording. The reason is that the “Search” function does not appear to find information from the content of a post, but only its title. So now people can maybe find this a little easier when looking for a particular language.

The original post for the project is here:

The project is located here:

Please note that this is a LingQ-community project, not an official LingQ-company project.

Next up: Hmong and Latin

Happy LingQing everyone!

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Hmong will be added to LingQ? That’s awesome. Will the text be the newest one or the old script?


The stories have to be corrected and read out loud by a native speaker. Then LingQ will add it. These translations are just a starting point.


I see. That is very interesting as Hmong is a language that is sometimes considered endangered. There is a lot of wonderful history and a large Hmong community in my area. It is not on my list of languages to learn in the next year or so but it is something I’d like to look into one day.

Cute dog btw

Thanks. She was a super friendly corgi-pekingese mix.

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sorry for your loss