Solar eclipse in Hungary

Although this topic is not related to language learning, I wanted to share this with you all.

Yesterday, there was a unique natural phenomenon in Hungary called sun eclipse. According to stargazers it was a 60% eclipse, which started around 09:30 in the morning and finished around 12:00. The peak point was after 10:00. Although, I was working in that time frame, I was able to leave my office and check this phenomenon. I went to the tire shop of the company where I work and joined them in checking the sun eclipse for a few minutes. Fortunately they had some welding helmet that we could use for safe observation. Some of them tried to take pictures by using the welding helmets and a camera without any success. Although I have seen a 100% sun eclipse in my life (11 August 1999) it was amazing to see it again. I hope I will see some more in my life.

This is a video back from 1999……


Yup, it was great to see another solar eclipse! I think there will be another one in 2026., I’ve read about it few days ago.

Sounds like a plan Zoran. I will post about it in 2026 :slight_smile:

Haha, sounds good! :slight_smile:

Wow it was wonderful! It was not spectacular like previous time, but I am happy that I could see it and I had a welding glass this time (even 2 welding glasses which gave a pure view without any rays). I hope see it another time too.

Thanks a lot mate, I really enjoyed :smiley:

I was at the observatory (starwait) in Vienna during the eclipse, and there were something like 200 people, mostly school kids, there to see it.

I remember those in 1999 August the 11’st. I’ve heard that the next total solar eclipse will be in 2081 in France…

So Andras79, are you hungary for another eclipse? :smiley: