Software to remove drm from e-books (for private use)

Since I have had my Sony e-reader, I have bought quite a few e-books in several languages. However, all of them are protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management), so they can’t be copied and imported to LingQ.
I have browsed for DRM-removal software, but the only free programme I have downloaded was quite bad, so I would rather buy one than use one that sucks. However, there are several programmes of this kind and I have no idea of which one would be the best.
Has any of you used any DRM-removal software? Is there any programme you would recommend?
Thanks for any advice,

Well, I have bought a software, which seems to be quite good.

Hi Michele, that is why I avoid buying books with DRM. There are some shops who offer only books without DRM. If enough people refuse buying books with DRM the industry probably changes this behaviour like they did with MP3. After some years they changed the DRM for MP3’s and now they are all without DRM. This is great. I want to buy ebooks legaly but without DRM.

Vera, I don’t want to give up buying e-books just because they have DRM and I won’t fight against the e-book industry. I buy books to read them, not (only) to study them. So, I don’t want to wait until they remove DRM from e-books. By the way, I do understand them and I would also use DRM if I produced and sold e-books. It would be much easier to send e-books without DRM to thousands of people than it is to make several copies of a whole book (by the way, in Italy it is illegal to copy more than 15% of a book…).
The programme I have bought works fine and it lets me import e-books to LingQ, which is the only reason why I bought it.

Nothing is dumber than DRM. I don’t think the books I’ve bought on my kindle have had DRM though… I’ll have to look into it.

Can you copy the content of books in Kindle format? Anyway, I won’t switch to Kindle since most European ebooks are in the epub format and I do like my Sony e-reader.

Hi, Mikebond
Which software did you buy? I’m interested in buying too.

This one: ePub DRM Removal - Remove Adobe ebook DRM Protection

I think Mike means this one:

Yes, Helen, I forgot to shorten the link. It looks like we have a fan of Epubor DRM removal, or someone from that company who want us to buy their product. The software I bought is just as good and it’s cheaper. Moreover, I don’t need to remove DRM from lots of .epub files.

I later found a free way to remove DRM: a set of plug-ins for Calibre, the free e-book managing program.