Software to make videos for Youtube - any suggestions?

I’m considering making some Youtube videos and I’d like to get some software-related suggestions from those of you who already make videos.
I’d like a software that can let me choose whether I want to show my face or the screen of my computer (e.g. to make tutorials), add things like music or images, etc. It should be relatively user-friendly and cheap, or free.
Thanks for any suggestions,

Hey, I’ve used windows movie maker to make music vids for youtube. I’m not sure how limited it is because I haven’t made tutorials but it’s worth checking out as it’s free. If you want to do it all with free stuff you can probably use it and another free program with some other features you need.

Hi Michele, I am looking forward to your You Tube videos. Please announce them on LingQ so that we have a chance to watch them or subscribe.

I have Windows Vista as my operating system and for me the Windows Movie Maker is one of the features of Windows Vista, so it wasn’t necessary for me to download and install him. But for making my own videos I have still not used the Movie Maker because for me he seems to be too complicated to handle.


Thank you both. I upgraded to Windows 8 few days ago and I haven’t found Windows Movie Maker in the new OS so far, but it may be hidden somewhere.

Fasulye, what software do you use to make your videos, if it’s not WMM? Sure, I’ll let you know when I have made some videos.

Hi Michele,

I work in the fields of e-learning and therefore have to produce such videos quite often. I usually use the software “Camtasia”. I’m not sure about the price, but there is 30 days free trial version available.

I like Camtasia a lot, because it is easy to use and it’s specialised in screen recording and the recording of Powerpoints. Picture-in-picture is possible as well, so you could even combine the recording of your webcam (for your face) with the recording of the screen. Additionally, there are many special effects available, such as highlighting your mouse clicks or zooming in to a certain part of the screen while clicking there or typing someting in.

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Thanks for the hint, Kathi, however I fear I can’t use Camtasia now, because I can’t afford to pay over 300 euros for it. Maybe when my website allows me to earn enough, I will buy it.

Any other (cheaper) suggestions?

I just upload my videos as they are recorded on the camera, so after the recoding I don’t do any other work on them. I find the Movie Maker too complicated for me personally.

My first videos are recorded with a special video camera by my Dutch friend. I wanted to produce videos on my own so I received lots of advice on buying a suitable webcam. My webcam is called Logitech C 525 HD and it has 640 x 480 pixels and 30 frames per second.

To this Logitec webcam belongs an own software which I have installed on my desktop. When the webcam is installed on my laptop I make the recordings by using the software and then I save the video file on my computer and from my computer I upload the video to You Tube.

So this is the way my latest few videos are made.

The price of my webcam + software? > about 40 - 45 EUR


Oh, I see. I do have quite a good webcam, but as I said, I would need to record what’s on the screen as well, so a webcam is not enough to do what I have in mind.

A cheaper suggestion would be to get Camtasia for free by torrent :wink:

Uhm… I was hoping for a cheap but legal suggestion! :slight_smile:

There’s a number of free screengrab softwares available for download. There’s, for example. Windows Movie Maker is also free, so with those too you’re set. Here’s a link to a video describing how to install Movie Maker on Windows 8: How to: Get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 8! - YouTube