Social Networks


This is my second post in this forum and I would like known some opinions about this topic. I am wondering if the Social netwoks are really useful… I mean they really connect people, even people that last untouched many time. Also it is true that you can post many things easily and no just words.
However anyone using these networks are exposing him/herself. Some people argues this places have control mechanisms for avoiding personal life violation but how we can be sure?


I think you cannot be sure. You should use your brain and think before you post anything in such a community. I wouldn’t post sensitive and personal information in a community. But everyone should decide on his own if he wants to do this.

“A social network service focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, e.g., who share interests and/or activities.” (Social networking service - Wikipedia)

I have not wanted to join Facebook, MySpace, and so on because I am not particularly interested in building social relations with other people itself. In a sense, LingQ forums can be considered to be a SNS, where we can exchange various opinions and get to know a lot of wonderful people.

I agree with Yutaka. I have not found any benefit from belonging to general social networks like Facebook or Linkedin. I do enjoy this focused group that we have here in the LingQ community.