Social media - Facebook, Twitter, others

Do you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites? If so how do you use them and how much time to you spend on them?

Just curious.

I was into Facebook for about 2 months, from about February 2008 to April of the same year, mostly because I was able to get in touch with many old schoolmates. Then I gradually remembered why I left my hometown in the first place, and lost interest again.

I pretty much use them only for language stuff:

I got this idea from All Japanese All the Time… getting a twitter account and following lots of people from my target language. Thus getting a constant stream of bitesize language. . I also try to make myself write something everyday (in L2),140 characters is easy to get through.
Facebook: I change my location to somewhere in Russia, and get all the targeted adds in Russian. Maybe 30 mins a day ?

Although i think i’ve missed the point of the question : )

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No, Lewis, you did not miss the point. I am just curious to know how important these social networking sites, not specifically with reference to language, but your language learning use is very interesting.


That twitter idea sounds great. Thanks.

Basically I use social media sites for SEM purposes. In my point of view SEM or search engine marketing is the best way to increase the traffic on website as well as increase the ranking of website.

I use twitter. I follow interesting people, read their posts and learn english at the same time. I follow Derren Brown for example.

I use twitter sometimes for language learning and other reasons.
Maybe 2 minutes a day. Not much.

I use facebook just for getting deals from various companies. My experience using it as a social network was much like dooo’s.

I use twitter sometimes for language learning and other reasons.
Maybe 2 minutes a day. Not much.

I use facebook just for getting deals from various companies. My experience using it as a social network was much like dooo’s.

I use a bunch of social networking sites. FB, Vkontakte, GoodReads, Kinopoisk (a russian analog of IMDB) and number of other useful social or semi-social services like Tripadvisor or TripIt.

I use Facebook to keep in contact with my friends from all around the world. It makes keeping up with people so easy. In that sense, it has also allowed me to maintain friendships with many people in Germany, long after I left the country. That in turn enabled further meetings both here in England and back in Germany. Of course, it’s a great tool for picking up the casual use of language too.

But I have to admit Facebook is the ultimate student procrastination tool… And on that note, I shall get back to my revision!

I’ve used Facebook to find some long-lost buddies (including my first German penfriend, hoorah!) and Twitter to vent when my sarcasm levels reach the “Danger” mark.

I have been thinking of advertising my tutoring services myself, and as I am far to lazy to create my own website, I thought I could advertise on my Facebook page? Or would that get me blocked?

I actually use Facebook to keep in touch with friends i know and to have new friends from all over the world who would help me improve my English or even any other language, and about how much time i spend on it depends on whether i have some stuff to do or not, but basiclly it sometimes helps to find links which are useful through its ads.

I only use Twitter; am following people in all sorts of languages, it’s an interesting experience to try to make sense out of those sometimes very cryptic tweets in Swedish, for example.

There’s one thing that bores me greatly: the LingQ notifications of “I have joined xxx conversation; I am studying xxxx lesson etc.”

I used to list all the LingQ people I follow under “LingQ” and because some of us are so industrious, the list regularly got swamped with these announcements. From now on I rather search for individuals than plough through lots of ‘non-information’.

I mainly use these websites to spread the word about LingQ. I created a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account for this reason and I write different blogs. My activities in these social networks are more than 90 % to help LingQ :slight_smile:

I use none of them. They are a bane on existence. Anonymity breeds contempt for humanity.


I use all my foreign languages to communicate on Facebook and Twitter. Besides this I use chess websites and there I communicate in Dutch, English and German.


Discord: Discord

Instagram is the most used, and facebook, a little

I use Facebook quite a bit. I am in a Spanish and German group on Facebook, which contributes some light comments back and forth in those languages. However, most of my time on Facebook is in my native language (English).