So what does a guy have to do

So what does a guy have to do to teach some english classes around here. I set up an open schedule for conversations. I am willing to correct writings.

What else should I do to get students interested ? I’m a native speaker and I have a great deal of technical and business experience. Perhaps I should promote that as a niche ? I even became certified to teach english recently. Perhaps I just need to figure out how to promote my skills effectively on LingQ and how to make the most of this seemingly wonderful system.

Does anyone have any ideas ?

Adam Scott

Adam, thanks for your interest. Your profile is very complete and interesting. I am sure many learners will want to take lessons with you.

The most successful tutors are good at making themselves visible and making members aware of their skills and interests.

The Forum is one place where you can be active and helpful to others. You have already started doing this. Good!

You might consider creating simple lessons, or courses especially for beginners. You could also collect various lessons, whether your own or not, in a playlist and share the playlist with other learners.

You can contact learners on their walls and interact with them.

You might also try to start group discussions with specific themes t hat relate to your areas of expertise of the experience of living abroad etc…

It might take a little while to get some traction, but after you host a few discussions, and receive positive ratings from your learners, you should be able to attract a following.

Thanks, I will continue letting people know that I am here and available to help.