So have I now renewed my subscription or not?

This morning I received a new reminder from LingQ telling me my subscription is about to expire - even though I went to the accounts page yesterday and clicked on the button to renew my current 6-months subscription of Premium Plus. (I’m not going to try this again, because I don’t want to get charged twice over!)

Can someone clarify what is going on here?

Have I renewed the subscription or not?

You can find that information on the account page:

The info on my account page seems very ambiguous: it says that I’m about to “expire on the 17th” but that I’m “changing to premium plus (6 months) on the 17th”…

Well, why would I be “changing” - seeing that I’m already on premium plus 6 months?

And if I have successfully renewed (as I tried to do yesterday) why am I still getting email reminders telling me my account is about to expire?

Why didn’t I get any email confirmation that I have successfully renewed?

This is somewhat unprofessional, and I just wish someone from LingQ could clear this up for me.


Okay, let’s put it another way: do you guys want my $234, yes or no?

(Right now, I seriously feel like just deleting the account and walking away…)

Wouldn’t it be best to send for billing information by e-mail? Sorry, but I don’t want to hear about your 234 bucks. It makes me a bit jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

I just checked my account, David (both the LingQ account details and my online bank) It doesn’t look as if I’ve been charged anything as of this moment.

(It’s ******* unprofessional of them to ignore my question, and I honestly feel like canceling.)

No, I totally understand your frustration, I was just assuming that e-mail would be quicker since they don’t really moderate the forum. I once sent an email to Alex on a Sunday and I got a reply super quick.

@Easy_Rider - I apologize for the delay in getting back to you about this. Our response times are not as quick on the weekend, but by no means were we intending to ignore your messages.

It does seem a little confusing. What I’ve confirmed is this: your existing subscription was a one-time subscription, and your renewal has been for a recurring subscription. One-time and recurring subscriptions are different in our system, so despite the membership level being the same the difference of recurring vs. non-recurring means your membership has to change over.

With this, I can also confirm that your account is set up properly and you’ll be correctly switched over to a recurring 6-month Premium Plus membership tomorrow. You can of course cancel this recurring subscription at any time to prevent the subscription from automatically renewing.

I do recognize some issues with the way this is handled, and I’ll be sure to pass this along to our development team to see what we can do to improve the flow here and make it more clear.

If there is anything else we can assist you with please let us know!

Okay Alex, thanks for the clarification.

(I’m sorry if I was a little short-tempered yesterday - but I was worried that I was about to lose my data.)

ad Jay: I’m glad you did not cancel your account :slight_smile:

ad Alex: I really appreciate the way you handle posts from members of this site, irrespective of whether they are paying customers or not. Always friendly, always supportive - you seem to have “absorbed” the Korean service attitude ;-). People like you certainly are a major asset to this site.

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I just checked my accounts page - and I see that my account did NOT, in fact, renew today. Instead I have now been reverted to a free basic level account.

I really have no idea what is going on here. :frowning:

Have I been charged?? No idea…

@Easy_Rider - I just responded to your email sent to support. We’ll make sure this is taken care of, and I’m very sorry for the trouble this has caused. Should any other issues arise in the future, rest assured that if your account is downgraded you will still keep all of your data, including your saved LingQs and learning statistics.

Okay Alex.

Well, I have now launched a new 6 month-premium-plus-subscription. It would seem that one has to let these block subscriptions lapse and THEN renew them afterwards. Slightly weird but heigh-ho.

Still, everything about the account seems to have continued as per before, which is cool.

(Apart from the new name, of course.)

“(Apart from the new name, of course.)”


What’s with that “sigh”, Colin? :smiley:

I picked the new name right out of my Norwegian dictionary: it was originally a toss up between their words for “piss-up” and “homicidal maniac”…but I eventually settled on “spritsmugler” instead. (We don’t want to scare any horses now, do we?)

Oh, and their word for bonehead, “dumrian”, also came into consideration. Seemed quite apposite to my case, I thought :slight_smile:

ad …sprit…: What’s in a name, anyway? :wink: Namen sind wie Schall und Rauch. Good to know you haven’t left over some administrative problem.

Weißt du Robert, ich habe jetzt vor, meine Deutschkenntnisse zu verbessern - darauf will ich mich jetzt konzentrieren.

Ich habe in letzter Zeit ein paar Übersetzungen gemacht, die ich dann von Vera korrigieren ließ. Das ist natürlich eine wunderbare Übung - nur ist es erst dann, wenn man versucht, so etwas wie einen Zeitungsartikel in eine Zielsprache zu übersetzen, dass einem klar wird, wie viele Wörter und Ausdrucke man eigentlich noch nicht weiß! :-0

(Das ist, sozusagen, der Fluch der Fremdsprachen: je mehr man lernt, desto mehr sieht man die eigene Schwäche, denke ich.)