"Snow chaos" in Britain

I just found these pictures of “snow chaos” in Britain on the BBC web site, and showed them to a Maldivian student to show him what snow looks like. Then it occurred to me that Canadians, Russians and Germans might find the British idea of chaos caused by white stuff dropping out of the sky amusing. So here’s the link: BBC News - In pictures: More snow chaos

Does anyone else have any pictures of snow causing chaos and disruption in their region?

Not really amusing, but very, very pretty. (Funny, I typed “pretty,” and my wife said “pretty” at the same time: she’s on the phone with someone.)

Very good pictures. Enjoyed them a great deal. Thank you, Helen.

It is fairly embarrassing how we can’t cope with snow in Britain, but I guess it’s not a usual occurrence like it is in somewhere like Russia or Scandinavia so there’s no real need for mass investment in preventative measures.

These are some pictures of places near me

Snow of the wet variety, as in these pictures, can cause real havoc. It is very difficult to drive in wet snow.

In Vancouver we only get a few snow fall a year and it causes havoc. We are not really equipped for it. Most people do not have snow tires. People are not used to driving in snow, and besides it is often wet. I hope we do not get a big dump during the Olympics.

On the other hand snow is a much more manageable problem in the rest of Canada where people expect it, are used to dealing with it, and handle it much better.

But the really wet snow is always a problem.

I live in Ukraine and now we have maybe 30cm of snow here and large piles of snow on the sides of the street… However our infrastructure and people are used to this and while the roads are slightly “muddy” generally life goes on as normal, though I had to wait an hour or so in the snow for the bus. It’s warmer once you are inside the bus because of all of the people so it’s not that bad from then on, and I have room to inhale and exhale and everything.

I wish it snowed in the cities here. It doesn’t even (normally) snow on the mountains in the middle of winter where I live. I could never imagine it snowing around Christmas though… I’m probably going to the beach this year :slight_smile:

I’m really fed up with snow in Moscow. Harsh cold (it was about zero in Fahrenheit constantly for a week, sometimes much colder), and snow, snow, snow. Number of accidents raised in many times. City almost paralized from an early morning until the night. Every day we are beating records in traffic staying, despite on winter tyres, snow-cleaning and so on. Every day there is 10/10 for traffic severity. Dec, 14, we have more than 900km of staying cars (in sum for all roads in Moscow).

Thank God, currently I may work at home! :slight_smile:

Just be glad you do not live in Edmonton. When I was there two weeks ago it was only -33. but I got a warm day. http://bit.ly/5x8h9Q

Nice :))))
I like comments to the article:
“W-w-w-we g-g-g-gotta st-st-st-stop g-g-g-global w-w-w-warming!!!”


yeah while the snow is nice to look at the cold and the slowed down traffic make it not really worth it. then again it kills all the mosquitoes :slight_smile:

and building a snowman is fun regardless of age :slight_smile:

We got hit very hard by a blizzard in my area about two weeks ago. I think we got around 12-15 feet of it. School was canceled because of it and the next day when I was driving into town, everything was just blasted with snow. It was so heavy that some tree branches were being pulled down. And these weren’t small weak branches.

I don’t know but it seems that in this area, the more snow there is and the faster the wind blows, the faster people drive in it. I won’t go into stories but lets just say that I was almost hit by 3 different people in a 1 minute time span. People just need to slooooow down.

@richieb86: Ah, well you get PROPER snow in Yorkshire, not this wussy stuff that we get in the Midlands :wink:

I fondly remember the winters when I lived in York. We used to go for walks on the lake :smiley:

@Steve: Yes our snow (in the UK MIdlands) is very wet and quite a nuisance, not like nice crunchy dry snow. It only takes a dusting of a few milimeters and the schools declare a snow day. In Yorkshire and Scotland people take it all much more calmly.

In Magnitogorsk now (and especially last week) the main problem is frost. It is really cold now -22…-25 (plus wind, usual for Urals). And last week it was -28…-32. That’s why snow is not a problem at all, as it is not wet :)) But living in a private house I really does not like when it is snowing during a work week, as I hate to brush snow off after a work day :slight_smile:

Yes, shovelling snow is a job I dread when I’m in Bavaria, the snow there is damp and very heavy. Luckily enough here in Sussex it hasn’t been necessary to sweep the pavements, we just wobble along on what is lying about.

Here in Siberia we shovel snow all year around. But now the most harsh problem is the frost, about -60C. Many polar bears have frozen to death this year. The Yenisey frose down to the bottom. I believe that global warming is a good thing.