Snooze and retain!

Here’s something for all you learners of facts and vocab:

Some German scientists say short naps strengthen retention (apparently these naps do not - strictly speaking - ‘improve’ your memory, but seem to considerably consolidate it.)


I think it all boils down to resting the brain, giving it a break. If the brain rests it works better. For me it’s certainly the case but of course my situation is odd. :wink:

I used to hate naps but now, I have a renewed appreciation for them and I might keep the habit even when I am better.

What’s important is to keep them short, you have to time them. So in that I disagree with the article.

I remember power naps during the 80s and 90s at work - 10 minutes max, but feeling much more energised after that. The current study simply established the optimal length of nap to strengthen retention to five-fold within the group studied.

I agree with your “resting works”, even for 20 minutes or so. Unfortunately, I lost the knack to nap at the drop of my hat (or even head onto a pillow). I still drool on trains or planes, but planned napping is a challenge :slight_smile:

Never had that nack ! But just closing your eyes a little does prepare the turf even if you are not tired.

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I can believe this. Taking a power nap is good for the soul. Taking a nap then going back in to study is pretty effective.