Snapshot - writing +

when I read a book and for better learning I write the chapters in the system of LingQ - is this writing in sense of measure or only that writing for correction?

You can enter whatever you want into your statistics, but technically, your statistics are meant to keep track of the work you do yourself. If you are simply copying somebody else’s writing, then you are not actually doing the work yourself. I recommend that you submit more of your own writing for correction and only count this writing in your statistics.

Thanks Jill, then I did wrong in the least :frowning:
Yes I have copied the text, but it is difiicult to write in English on typewriter for me, not simple :slight_smile:
Sorry, I will never do it (the + for this).

Don’t worry, Irene. It’s not a problem. As I said, you can do whatever you want in your account.

You can go to the Progress Snapshot and subtract the words you added. Simply put a minus sign (-) before the number of words you’d like to subtract from your statistics.

Ex. Add Words of Writing: -300