Small Old Bug in Mobile Version


I’m coming back to LingQ to start the new year learning Chinese and I’m also uploading some English e-books to increase my English vocabulary.

I was using the mobile version to do my reviews when after a few days I’ve noticed an inconvenient bug that I’m quite sure it was here since I used LingQ before a year or two ago. I’ll try to explain what happens as clear as I can…

I know you need to press the “ok” (green) button twice in a review to increase your status level (1 - 4) and when you do, it shows that you get the correspondent number of coins that you should … the problem is, it’s not doing either of those things, neither the level of the word/phrase increases neither the coins are given to you (even tho the app shows you’ve got them in that little animation with the coin appearing with the “+1” or “+2” and fading out)

Well, that happens if you press the “ok” (green) button only … if you manually increase the status level from a word/phrase, for example, from 1 to 2 … then it acts as you expect, the level is truly increased and the coins are given as expected.

I tested together with the pc version, to be sure they didn’t increased when replicating the “bug” as I explained first and also that they increased when manually pressing the other status levels.

It’s not something of a main concern, but this bug has been here for quite a while now and it’s very frustrating to realize after a couple of days trying to increase the level of your LingQs and you end up noticing that they didn’t change at all.


@Leraf - So this problem exists on both web and mobile? Which app are you using? Thanks for your help!

@Leraf - I am unable to reproduce that issue. I tested both website and android app version. LingQ status gets increased properly after two correct answers and I also got coins. As Mark wrote, please let us know are you using Android or iOS app. Thanks!

I didn’t tested on the web version, only the mobile one.

I’m using Android … but you might want to check that again, as I said … it really shows like the status was increased and that you get the coins, but if you go to the vocabulary after the review and check the word, you’ll see that didn’t really increased the level neither you got the coins.

Is just the animation of those things that appears, but the system doesn’t compute them

Now I just tested on the web version … there everything seems to be working as intended.

I believe is only in the mobile version that I get that weird behavior

I havent tried it either thru web version

I checked it again and it definitely does work properly for me. It’s not just the animation, I confirmed that both coins were added and LingQs status increased.
If you still have this problem, can you please try to reinstall the app and let me know if that helps? Thanks!

I tried what you suggested, to reinstall the app. Tested again and still just getting the animation and status aren’t increasing and I don’t receive the coins, only if I manually increase the status when the word/phrase comes for the second time.

My phone is new (just bought a week ago)
Samsung J8 - Android 8.0.0
Both system and LingQ app are updated to the latest patch

OK, thanks. I’ll ask our Android developer to look into that.