Slowness issue when saving LingQs

The site seems particularly slow this evening. Especially when I’m trying to save any LingQ. It frequently displays the “saving” dialog for several seconds before letting me move on. Is the site or your webhost experiencing some kind of server load issue or am I the only one experiencing this?

The site is slow for me also.

Sorry about the slowness. We are trying to figure out what it is. It seems to be a networking issue somewhere and not a problem on the server itself.


I’ve been having problem streaming audios for a few days. This evening even audios in vocabulary activities would take a long time to load. Relying on mp3 downloads for now.

OK, good to hear you’re on it. Thanks for the reply.

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It has been quite slow for me for saving lingqs as well.

Today it is irritatingly slow!

I share the opinions above.

We’re actively working on this but as Mark said above it doesn’t seem to be related to any changes we’ve made. We are actively working with our hosting service to figure this out and will hopefully be able to remedy this soon.

I assumed the “eternal refreshing” that’s happening when I try to open the dictionary was eternal. Are you guys saying that it’s just slow? Is anyone getting this problem, or is it just the links?

LingQ is back to working normally again.

@Wulfgar - It’s difficult to say. The slowness issues should now be resolved, so if you are still getting the pinwheel when it’s likely related to another issue that should be fixed in our next update.