Slow & no lingQ sound

The site is slow and the LingQ sound button does not work in either Chrome or Firefox this morning.

yep… the site is old and the server is slow.maybe admin is offline.

Hi pmilone,
Are you sure that you have sound effects turned on? Click on the Settings Button on the lesson page to check it. I’ve just tried it and it works perfectly fine for me. Please check again. Thanks!

Yes, I’ve noticed that getting Google translations are veeeeerrryyyy slow. I have to wait five or six seconds for a translation to appear, it is generally almost instantaneous…

The LingQ sound button has not been working for three days now, please try if you can fix it.

The problem occurs intermittently, not with every word.

Hi pmilone,
Thanks for the video.
Sorry everyone. We are already familiar with this issue and we are doing our best to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

We are working on it and we hope to have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Everyone,

Google is blocking the TTS service again. We are working quickly toward a permanent solution to have the TTS back up. Thanks for your patience, we will keep you updated.