Slow down reader

Is there a way to slow down the text reader?

You can control lesson’s audio speed, there is speed control button in the audio player. You can’t slow down TTS pronunciation if that’s what you are referring to.

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I do not see any way to slow down the audio in lessons. Can you provide more information? Also, what is TTS? Thank you.

You will see the “x1” button in the audio player on the lesson page. Click on that button to control audio speed (decrease or increase it).

Can this capability be included in the update rev? I recently upvoted someone who posted a Text to MP3 link. The service worked great, decent inflection and normal speed. The only problem is I TTS’ed only one 2 minute article and it said I’d reached my free user limit. What a bummer! I realize lessons on LingQ are all supposed to have audio, but interesting self imported stuff often doesn’t. Having a non breakneck speed non robotic sounding TTS option in LingQ would be huge. Ability to save said audio and add to playlist would make LingQ legendary

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Text to Speech (or abbreviation TTS). Text to Speech is used to artificially produce human speech through computerized means.

Thank you, that was helpful although it did not address the problem that I am having. The issue that I continue to have is that this function does not seem to be available for lessons that I import myself. There is an ability to play audio from the text (this is a separate button, lower down than the the one you described, which is grayed out in lessons that I import). This play button only plays at one speed - too fast! Is there any way to slow down this playback? There should be!

TTS speed can’t be controlled at the moment. You can only control lesson audio speed.

Thank you. Is there a process for LingQ users to suggest modifications? TTS as it functions right now is useless for a student - it is far too fast for an intermediate speaker such as myself. However, if it could be slowed down, it would be a powerful tool for learning.

I don’t know if this will address your problem but do you have a device that allows you to highlight any text and have the device read it aloud for you? I can do this on my iPad In my chosen languages.

Wow, that was a great tip! I found a Chrome extension called Read Aloud that does exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for the suggestion!