I’m thinking of adding Slovak to my hit list, and I was wondering if there’s a nice and plentiful source of texts with audio for it, like Echo Moskvi or something like that? Does anyone know? Any Slovaks here?


I also would love to have slovak language at lingq . Who else votes for slovak ? Let’s make a campain!

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Hi, the Slovak language is very similar to the Czech one, I do speak Czech because of my mother and I do understand a Slovak language

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As a native Slovak speaker, I am delighted to hear people are willing to devote their time to learning the language.

I have never been listening to Echo Moskvi, but there is a wide variety of audio sources available at Slovak Radio sites (public non-commercial broadcast)

Unfortunately, these sources require a rather advanced level + there are usually no audio transcripts.

Slovak is mutually intelligible with Czech and these 2 languages share a majority of its vocabulary. I wouldn’t even hesitate to claim these 2 languages are closer to each other than many English dialects are.