Slavic folk music/dance culture

Is anyone else here interested in slavic folk culture?

Reminds me of this meme by the way:

I play the accordion although I’m not very good (good thing I don’t have a cat!), and for some reason eastern slavic folk music has a strong influence on my soul. Maybe I should buy an accordion like this one lol. I think it’s called “гармошка”.

Reminded me of this, I miss watching Pokrovsky’s ensemble live…

Nice one. I like to find different things than these songs we’ve all heard such as Kalinka, Katyusha and Moscow Nights. I found this one too yesterday. Love how the Lada comes driving up at the end.

Here is my favorite Slavic folk dancing.

That s very… contemporary. Have you seen the youtube channel “LIfe of Boris”? Learn to squat like real slav.

I’ll check it out. I posted recently about these young men recently

They also have a video about how to squat like a real gopnik.

Yeah I saw it. You have to check out Boris though. He’s hilarious.

Edit: STITCHED LEATHER Custom Play button award - YouTube

Damn, that’s some funny shit!

I knew a Soviet musicologist from Leningrad. He was interested mainly in people like Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky. He couldn’t stand the Soviet era mass music. Especially Katyusha.
Not sure if your musical taste stretches to light opera, but Shostokovich wrote the music for a piece called Rayok. It’s about a satire on Stalin and his ministers explaining what music should be. Shostokovich incoorporated little pieces of various songs like Kalinka into the music.

I have nothing against Katyusha but youtube is filled with those songs and they get old. And I can listen to opera although I’m not a devoted fan or anything. I listened to Pavarotti some. My music taste is all over the place. It’s hard to sum it up quickly.

The 2nd video from the 1st post is from my motherland Belarus :slight_smile:

My musical tastes wander around quite a bit too.
Found Антиформалистический Раёк, there are a surprising number of versions on youtube, this one is a bit older: "Антиформалистический Раёк" - №1- Д.Д.Шостакович - YouTube

Yes I was searching “белорусская народная песня” or something.

Nah that wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I can listen to Людмила Зыкина though. Her voice in Течёт река Волга is just … mesmerizing.

You mean, it’s not your cup of kompot.

You might like this: АЛЁNА. "Живые". Своё Радио (12.11.2015) - YouTube

Of course. My bad.

That’s a nice mix of this singing style and rock. I really like some types of non-conventional vocal, like the style of Karsten Troyke (a Yiddish-singing artist although he’s actually German) and even Mongolian throat singing (lol…?). It doesn’t have to involve an “authentic” folk band at all. Thanks. Now I have to at least try and find the CD.

Here’s the same girl with another group: Тина Кузнецова & Алёна Романова - Пошла млада // Zventa Sventana - YouTube