SLA & Conversations Podcasts to learn Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese

I’d like to share with you two podcasts that is creating a friend of mine who is an English and Spanish teacher, with very good backgroup in Second Language Acquisition and who is also a language learner.

The first podcast is really fantastic, because it’s a podcast with conversations in Spanish and other languages, where Joel will be talking with native speakers in order to give you comprehensible input, to help you acquire the language in context and also to become aware of the strategies we can use as learners to acquire a new language. There will be episodes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. It’s just the beginning, and for the moment there are only conversations in Spanish but there will soon be conversations in French, English, Italian and Portuguese. You will be able to here me in the French conversations by the way and it’s really exciting :slight_smile:

Here is the link to all the episodes: Learn Spanish Through Conversations with Joel

The second podcast is about Second Language Acquisition, and it’s about theory of second language learning in general, to become a better language learner or teacher, with interviews with professors and teachers. The podcast is available in English, most episodes are also available in Spanish and some of them are in another language, according to the person who is interviewed. All the episodes are here

The podcasts are on itune, spotify and some episodes are on youtube here Joel Zarate - YouTube
I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

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If you really want to get an idea about Joel’s podcasts, listen to this episode, which is available in English and Spanish. Joel explains why it’s important to learn in context and the importance of comprehensible input.
English: Lista de vocabulario

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