Skype me maybe

I applaud steve for his singing voice, he is a close third behind Susanna and Haikaa Yamamoto, whom I’ve never heard of before but was amazed at her vocal talents.

This was a really great initiative by Benny. I appreciate odiernod’s kind words but feel that my own efforts paled in comparison to most of the other participants’.

Here are my comments to Benny.

A great initiative, Benny, and even better in its execution. Thanks for including me, however, had I known of the wonderful performing and singing quality of the other participants I might have chickened out. A positive message delivered with pizzazz. Good on you!

Here is the clip. Skype Me Maybe - sung in 30+ languages by 17 polyglots! - YouTube


Wau! great video!
it is inspiring!

I also had fun participating in Benny’s video project as an invitation to the upcoming Polyglot Conference in Budapest next year.

The melody of “Skype me maybe” didn’t get stuck in my ears, so I decided to make a rap performance (what I have never done before).

I was very happy that Susanna invited me to participate in this video project! :slight_smile:


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Génial !






That’s a great video and wonderfully done :slight_smile:


That’s an incredibly positive and inspirational video, I’ve been smiling all the time I’ve been watching it!
Thanks to Benny for organizing it, and, of course, to all polyglots for their beautiful songs :slight_smile:

My favorite performers are Jana and Haikaa! :))


I would recommend you to watch Steve’s video about Benny’s video project “Skype Me Maybe” where Steve praises the idea and the work Benny has done to promote foreign language learning with the video project “Skype Me Maybe”.

Here is the link to Steve’s video: "Skype Me Maybe" - a wonderful project. - YouTube


Brilliant video and extremely well edited! Congrats to all involved!

Nice to see the cameo of Steve playing hockey!

Only now got round to watching. What talent out there! A great video. Congratulations!

I cringe whenever I hear autotune, but this was pretty cool nonetheless.

Wow. I love this video. It’s such a great idea and I’m sure it’ll serve as great PR for the polyglot community.

Inspiring. Great!! Congratulations

I actually am going to get Skype now!